Edwin Rosskam: Young people outside of Negro high school, Black Belt, Chicago, Illinois, 1941

World War II happened in 1941. The March on Washington Movement  was the most militant and important force in African American politics in the early 1940s, formed in order to protest segregation in the armed forces.

It must be a summer, their hands hold frozen popsicles. When I see this photo, I feel those girls may also be involved in this movement. They want to go to school, but they have little money. It is really a bad situation for them. They are waiting at the gate of a school.


This is a scene of Chinese parents waiting for their children who complete high school exams at the gate of the school. Even when students have the final exam at high schools, it is worth worrying for their parents. There is a saying in China, “Parents want their sons to be dragons (heros), and they also want their daughters to be phoenix (very successful).”

The reason why I choose those two photos to compare with each other is that they are both at the gate of school. From different perspectives, different angles, the first picture shows us these girls are outside of the gate, while the second picture shows those parents are standing in front of the school door. The second photo is just horizantal.