Edwin Rosskam: Street scene, Provincetown, Massachusetts, 1937

A woman seated on a bicycle turns her head to look back. I am little confused about this season, whether it is autumn or summer. Looking at the woman in the middle, she wears a dress, while a woman behind her wears an overcoat. The woman who is seated on the bicycle stares back while others also look in this direction. It seems like that something important happens , so it attracts many passers-by.

In 1937, African Americans did not have many rights they enjoy today. The scene we cannot see which appears in those passerbys’ eyes may be some African American facing some unfair thing.

The woman’s bicycle is in a very old style.


This picture which I painted shows people a scene of a family riding on bikes very happily. The background is fresh green, which shows me their energy. Besides, they have different color bikes: blue, red, and black. When they go out together, they wear helmets and ride bikes. I feel they enjoy their time. It is a good time for them to relax. They crack a smile. I feel very comfortable when I look at this photo.

Compared to the first photo, taken by Rosskam, with this modern photo, many things have changed, including their dress, style of bike, their mood, and so on.