Provincetown Player 1940

In 1940, people like to sit together to listen to someone playing classical guitar.

A popular guy plays guitar surrounded by a crowd. He is playing classical guitar. Edwin Rosskam took directly at a horizantal angle so the player looks very welcoming to people. Their clothing is informal, just T-shirts. Looking at the players hat, it is slightly askew. But the player pays attention to playing the guitar.  


This illustration of a girl, I use the software painter IX , who plays the guitar is created in Japanese cartoon. As time passed by, people’s dressing is different, both styles and materials. For the first picture, the man just wears a T-shirt to paly the guitar, while the girl in the second picture wears the clothing just for her performance. There is also a difference angle between two photos. For the first one, it is a horizantal, but in the second picture, it is an upper angle, which make this girl taller and bigger. Maybe audience really like her and want to worship her.