Laptop Recharge 1941, by Edwin Rosskam

An African American mother is nursing her baby with a bottle. With the distance between her and photographer, we have these figures and big buildings in the background occupying much space.

I feel sad and lonely when I see this photo. There is only the woman and her baby.

This African American woman is not strong enough to nurse her child, and she even looks very skinny. It also reflects how the African Americans’ standard of living was not good at that time.


 This sketch shows a plump mother nursing her baby directly.

According to the clothes and jewellery she wears, I can know she is in a very rich European family. Even her baby is very fat. Looking at the baby’s leg, it is so fat.

Compared to the first photo by Edwin Rosskam, this sketch focuses on the mother and her baby. The artist ignores the background. When I see the first photo, it has a very large  background space. the figure looks very small. I also feel helpless.