Children watching a mock wedding parade on N Street SW, Washington, DC, 1942

According to the scene in the photo, I think there must be some famous person passing through the street, so there are many people standing on both sides of the road.

Behind four children who stand in the front of the photo is a puddle full of water, which reflects the shadow of those four children.


In the second painting, these students are looking at the back of their leaving teacher. After learning together three years, they like and cherish each other. At the day of graduating from high school, they get together again to send off their lovely teacher.

Even though this teacher is not as famous as a super star, he teaches those children by using his whole energy and sensation.

Compare first photo by Edwin Rosskam to below photo, I find there are some interesting things in common. Their backs all face us, which seems like a secret that I want to ask why they do not  just face us so we can know their faces.