Edwin Rosskam: Beach scene, Provincetown, Massachusetts, 1937

It is a interesting pose, which I have seen somewhere else.

Bruce Lee and Williams camp it up in this promotional photo. This pose is very difficult to do.


This painting by me and the first photo by Edwin Rosskam are about two people playing by the beach. It reminds me of a poem.

I Miss the Beach

I miss everything about the beach from the sands between my toes to the mighty sound of the ocean crashing against the rocks; it is there where I found my serenity.

I miss the sun raise to the sun fall at the beach, where its true colors have this wonderfully glow right at the point of when the sun touches the water.

I miss the smell of the salted water when the wind blows, I miss the way the sun feels when it caress my face, it has this magical warmth.

I miss the beach from the family fun to the just one on one in the sun, it reminds me of what home feel like, I miss seen the kids playing in the water, and how the fire bounces off the ocean in the darkness of night.

I miss the beauty of the beach for this is the loveliest gift that God has created for us to enjoy our time with each other, oh how I miss the beach.